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We are Danielle and Martin, and we started the Fineshade crew back in 2017. We're a husband and wife team based in Northamptonshire, on the outskirts of Cambridgeshire. We have too many children and besides filming your weddings, we had a wedding of our own back in 2017. Here we are, late-nineties looking fresh-faced and... {insert verb of choice here!} If you'd happened to bump into us circa 1998, you'd have probably found both of us either talking about vinyl, listening to vinyl or jumping up and down, rooted to our favourite spot in the Superclubs of the time. Likely to have been found on a Podium, arms in the air... one of us in homemade fluffy boots and matching bra and the other with polka dot trousers or some sort of questionable see-thorough number with multi-coloured pipe-cleaners in the hair. I'll leave you to figure out who-was-who ;) Nowadays things are a little more sedate. 


We both have a background in film and photography and between us we taught these subjects to A Level students for over twenty years! Our fourth baby, Fineshade, is now five years old! 


You might find us at your wedding covering either videography or photography – we both love both disciplines and we both edit, too. We often split weddings and you might have Martin, myself or Max (more of him below) leading the day. We have a small team of first and second shooters of photography and videography who we trust implicitly - please believe us when we say there is no way we would leave our fourth child in anything other than the safest hands! We are are involved in every aspect of the process. from consulting with clients to editing and shooting your day and we wouldn't want it any other way.. You can find out a little more about Max and Ethan below; they are our perfect matches and mirror us both! Max and Danielle have a similar aesthetic style and creative flair whilst and Martin and Ethan are meticulous, detail driven and technology led. 

Martin has a keen, methodical eye (and ear) for details and an impressive background in music technology.  Danielle has a skill for creating a narrative and capturing those in-between moments that others miss. She is also the one who just loves humans. Everything about them. Both of us love what we do and we hope that comes through our productions. 


We are extremely lucky to have had the most wonderful clients who have, through their support and trust, helped us to grow our little business to where it is today.. We believe every wedding is different and you won't find us forcing our 'brand' upon you and yours. It is YOUR day. Your way. Every single wedding is different, like every single relationship is. We will listen, watch and quietly observe you and your relationship with each other as this is the key to us capturing your memories in a way that makes you feel like we captured you in the right way. We will find out as much as we can about you to ensure we are a good fit for each other. We will be with you through the emotional rollercoaster that is your wedding day and you need to make sure that the people by your side are cheering you on from the sidelines, make you feel comfortable and relaxed and contribute in the best way to the best day of your life! 


We adore what we do. It is a genuine privilege seeing all that is wonderful about humanity summed up in the ten-hour-whirlwind that is your wedding day. 



You might meet Max if you’ve booked us for videography. He first and second shoots with us and I’m sure you’ll love him as much as we do! He filmed our very own wedding back in 2017 - we can't sing his praises more highly than that! He has shot many weddings now and is highly educated in film. Max was a film student at University of the Arts London following an apprenticeship in digital marketing.

He works as a freelancer creating visuals for musicians, artists

and performers for their online brand alongside managing social channels. He has also worked on large productions (e.g. Netflix projects, music videos, short form drama) 


He’s weirdly fascinated by maps and geography, and as a documentarian this is something he’s been incorporating into his work. He’s a bit of bookworm, obsessed with travel and as much as he loves living in London, wildlife and nature is always on the mind.







Ethan shoots videography and photography with us! If you book an additional photographer or videographer... here's your guy! He is also a free-lancer like Max and many moons ago he was Martin's star photography and film student! As ex-secondary school teachers, students like Ethan don't come around very often, believe us. He is destined for great things. We are very lucky to have him free-lancing with us for the time being! We get to make the most of his enormous talent before he runs off and leaves us to be a Director of Photography or Film in the not-so-distant future.

He is currently studying Film Practice at University of the Arts, London. He specialises as a cinematographer and has worked on a variety of different productions (documentaries, short film, music video) but also has a keen eye for photography, being quite the detail man. 

You'll find him either at the cinema (specifically on the Southbank) where he enjoys arthouse film and some of the latest releases, or in front of the TV feeding his Formula 1 obsession.




Erin is another member of our little crew and we are very lucky to have her on board. You might come across her shooting videography. Once upon a time, Danielle taught Erin media and film as a sixth form student (and a fabulous student she was!). We kept in touch and here we are today! She is currently studying film at the University of Northampton where she studies a Joint Honours course that focuses on both the practical and theoretical side of film-making. She's a big romance fan and enjoys periodic films, shows and books like Bridgerton and Atonement. She would love to work on a Netflix set. 

She has been involved in the production an independent film called Sweetly It Turns which features Richard Wilson, after making connections with fellow film enthusiasts. Erin feels like she is a bit of an old soul. If you meet her at your wedding and event, you might find yourself realising she has a striking resemblance to a singer-songwriting-superstar - I'll leave you to figure out who! Last time we worked together, she was told she looked just like said-star by four different guests. Erin won't mind one jot if you make that comparison as she is a huge fan!

Questions, questions, questions...?

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What is your style on the day?


We are very discreet and let the day unfold with as little interruption from us as possible. This is the same whether our couples book us for just videography or for photography too. We are unobtrusive and really love a documentary style; this is where the magic is! We do like to take our couple away for portraits at 1-2 points in the day and these are directed. We have a whole host of tricks up our sleeves to get those magic shots. Many of our clients really enjoy this part of the day because this is often a chance for a few moments of down-time. and we love these shots too. These shots are often where we create the high drama and epic romance. However, we will always work with you and your schedule and fit around that. If a couple want some traditional posed and formal shots, we recommend no more than 10-12 because nobody wants to spend all day in a line-up when you could be off having fun with your nearest and dearest!

What is your most popular package?


Our most popular package is definitely the full sha-bang. We most frequently get booked for photography and videography and we really love this! We definitely make our best products when we work together in this way. You can have as many consultations as you like in the lead up to your day so we have built up quite the relationship by the time the big event comes around. Makes sense right? We know each other well, we take time to get to know you before the day and that is the success formula. Familiar and comfortable with each other. WINNING!


DO NOT FEAR! We shoot photography AND videography on the same, discreet, small (mirrorless) cameras. Our set-up for both disciplines is basically the same! We have chosen our cameras because of their excellent in-built stability so we can can move around quickly and remain unintrusive. Our audio equipment is just as discreet: we have a small handheld audio recorder (think-mobile-phone-off-of-the-nineties size!) which we surreptitiously hide in the table flowers, or on a lectern... and then we just leave it to do its thing! Super discreet which means we can be super nimble on our feet - just like a photographer!


What if I can't decide on a package right now?

That is no problem at all! We often leave our clients to mull over their decision and take as long as they want! Our clients often like to upgrade following their event (for example, the usually shy and retiring one blows everyone away with beautiful words about their new partner for life - and then our clients suddenly realise they would really treasure than on film). So in short, get your date secure by filling out our very quick booking form, dropping over a £250 reservation fee and we can handle the final details at a later date :)